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Butterbean – Surprise Bag

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Unlabeled 12 seed pack of ButterBean Autoflower seeds. Each seed pack will contain the following strains:

– 2 Scoops Auto
– Cake Stomper Auto
– Chocolate Chip Cookies Auto
– Cookie Puncher Auto
– Dawg Bone Auto
– Donkey Kong Auto
– Gorilla Cake Auto
– Gorilla Dick Auto
– Grape Cakewalker Auto
– Grape Gorilla Auto
– Strawberry Dawg Pie Auto
– Strawberry Punch Auto

Strain Descriptions:

2 Scoops Auto

( Bubba Kush Auto x Gelato Auto )
Up to 100 cm. 75 days. Thick and stacked just like an ice cream cone. Delicious earthy bubba flavors mixed with sweet and creamy flavor of gelato will keep you rolling this one up all night long. A heavy hitting indica with a humongous central cola and golf ball sized side nugs dripping with resin. Make sure your carbon filter works well!

Cake Stomper Auto
( Forum stomper auto x wedding cake auto )

Up to 100 cm. We took a beautiful Forum Stomper mother and hit her with our wedding cake pollen donor. A compact flowering structure is to be expected. Coated with carpets of resin. She will be a great producer of gassy and creamy nuggets even in smaller grow spaces. A great strain for extracts.
Harvest 80 to 85 days with some phenos going 90 days.

Chocolate chip cookies Auto
( Chocolate mint og auto x cookies auto )

Over 100 cm in height. This 80 day, rock solid THC treat will knock your socks off. Enjoy the earthy and kushy flavors along with aggressive vegetative growth supported by hardy secondary branching which makes for outstanding yield. A powerful and long lasting high that develops into a relaxing body high. Harvest 80 days.

Cookie Puncher Auto
( Purple Punch Auto x Cookies auto)

Up to 100 cm in height. Grandaddy purple heritage mixed with the famous Girl Scout cookies flavor and resin content will satisfy any grower. Expect purple hues if grown outdoors. Multiple side branching to be expected with a compact yet medium sized structure. Mostly indica. Harvest 80 to 85 days with some phenos going 90 days.

Dawg Bone Auto
( Chemdawg auto x Cookies auto )

Over 100 cm. The world renowned Girl Scout cookies flavor accompanied with the sour gas overtones of chemdawg 91′ makes this strain really stand out. Expect mid-sized bushy plants with a healthy amount of side branching. Harvest 75 days

Donkey Kong Auto
( OG Kush auto x Gorilla auto )

Up to 175cm. 80 days. 20%+ THC. A legendary character name paired with 2 legendary strains seemed to be the perfect fit. This cross has the potential for some beastly qualities. A high yielder with a super kushy flavor profile. Tall and large overall with a high resin content.

Gorilla Cake Auto
( Wedding cake auto x gorilla auto )

Up to 100 cm in height. 75 days. This chunky indica dominant autoflower will impress you with her bulky stature, tight node spacing and large central cola. Pure gas flavor with some bakery inspired secondary flavors. Calming and euphoric overall. Harvest 75 days

Gorilla Dick Auto
( Moby Dick XXL Auto x Gorilla Auto)

Well over 100 cm. 80-85 days. Paying homage to the legendary breeder behind Moby dick. This monster showcases XXL yields and exhibits explosive side branching. A soaring, sativa dominant, hazy and fruity with backtones of the gassy gorilla father, make this plant excellent for day trips and outdoor activities. She doesn’t have much of a ceiling so be vigilant or she’ll getcha!

Grape Cakewalker Auto (aka Grape Cakestomper)
( Grapewalker Kush Auto x Wedding Cake auto )

Up to 100 cm. Indica dominant in nature. The subtle bakery inspired terpenes pair very well with the skunky grape kush main profile. Expect a stacked main cola contributing to high yields. Chunky and easy to grow, growing her is a cakewalk! Harvest 75 days

Grape Gorilla Auto
( Grape Walker Kush Auto x Gorilla Auto)

Up to 100 cm. 23% THC Expect great yields with this medium sized flavor monster. Think grape soda and welch’s grape juice with a heavy gas overtone, it’ll fill your cheeks with flavor! A Butterbean favorite. Sedative and heavy it’s better suited for evening use. Harvest 75 to 80 days

Strawberry Dawg Pie Auto
( Chemdawg auto x Strawberry pie auto )

Up to 100 cm. This plant is a production heavy weight. Expect an overripe strawberry skunk flavor to be accompanied by a heavy sour gas flavor. A real treat to grow and smoke. Makes great tasting rosin! Harvest 70 to 75 days

Strawberry Punch Auto
( Purple Punch Auto x Strawberry Pie Auto )

Up to 100 cm. 70-75 days. A terpene dream. Reminiscent of gushers fruit snacks and fruit by the foot with an obvious skunkiness. This heavy hitting beauty will be a real pleasure to grow. It’s one of those plants that you want to smell every time you walk by it. Medium sized in stature with healthy side branching make it easy to grow and train. Harvest 70 to 75 days





Strain Genetics


Flowering Type


Seed to harvest

70 – 90 days from sprout

Where to Grow

Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors

Taste / Flavor


Plant Height

Up to 175 cm